NeoPixel Gas Mask Holder for LEDs and GEMMA

The holder created by the Ruiz Brothers on Adafruit and Thingiverse didn’t quite fit into the respirator portion of our gas mask, and we thought the attachment of the rings was also a little clunky. (But then, we’re relatively new to this whole 3D printing thing… so we’re not saying the Ruiz Brothers messed up… just “it didn’t work for us”.) Read More

Quick Update – We Moved!

Arizona City to Phoenix

Arizona City to Phoenix

No posts since July… because we’ve moved from Arizona City (a small unincorporated town of around 10,000 people) to Phoenix (metro area population around 4.3 million).  See my personal blog for more details.

But that hasn’t put all of my 3D printing endeavors on hold.  I continue to make incremental progress and occasional design changes on Coins-Worth.  There is a mostly-assembled version I take “on the road” to show people who ask to see it.

I’m now working with Franklin to produce a custom version of the NeoPixel 3D Gas Mask by Adafruit.  There will be several 3D-blog entries for that.

Stay tuned!