Coins-Worth assembly

Just before moving around Labor Day, I had assembled a Coins-Worth unit with as much as I had.  This picture shows the side view, with the power and USB connectors on the lower left, the Logitech web camera on the upper right, and the feeder tube on the upper left.


Looking inside, with the Logitech web camera above and in front, and visible just under that, the feeder tube and the coin ejector immediately below it.  The plate just below that is where the coin lands.  The “deep V”-shaped part catches the coin, and the camera is 2″ directly above that.  (“Orthogonal” is the correct term, since the coin catch and the camera are tilted at 25 degrees.)

Between the coin ejectors and coin catch, you can see a servo “horn”, as well as just below the coin catch.  Since this picture was taken, I’ve modified the design to rotate the servos 90 degrees, and instead of relying on the servo horns to move parts, I’ve constructed a round disk that slips over the servo horns, with a small actuator post attached, which does the actual part movement.

Below the bottom servo and farther toward the back, you can see the power and USB connectors, and part of the Pololu Maesto servo controller card.

Coins-Worth inside view

Coins-Worth inside view

I’ve intentionally “designed as small as possible”, thinking that it should be easier to “scale up” than down. All white and blue parts were printed on my Lulzbot TAZ 4.

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