LG HBS 730 Power Switch Broken

My wife got a Bluetooth headset less than a year ago, which she loves wearing at work, listening to audio books when she can.  This morning on the way in to work, though, she found that the power switch didn’t work.

It floated back and forth freely — not with the usual friction and click to go from off to on and back again.  She muttered, “And I probably didn’t keep the receipt.”  She bought it at the local Fry’s store, so it’s not like Amazon or some other stores that can whip a new receipt out of the computer to give to you.

Once I got home, I got to looking for support and parts information on the LG web site.  What crap!  Nothing of value!

3D printed part in "clear", original (damaged) part in orange

3D printed part in “clear”, original (damaged) part in orange

Then of course a wider web search, which led me to a cool YouTube video where a guy opened up one of these and replaced busted ear plugs.  I thought: “This looks doable!”

So I opened up the side with the power switch, and sure enough, there’s some damage — looks like some missing “stuff” — to the little piece of plastic that moves the actual switch inside.

I’ve been trying to 3D print a part… but it’s pretty small, and hard to get all the clearances “just right”.

I did find a guy that sells the 3D printed parts online for what I’d consider a “reasonable price.”  I might go that route if I don’t get more success at printing my own.

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