A Dragon Project Option

Photo credit: @Vyeth

So you’ve likely seen my Dragon Project link and read a little about what I’ve been planning: a shoulder-mounted animatronic dragon to wear with my wizard outfit.

This week I’ve stumbled upon another option: a full-size dragon suit with its own animatronic features.

I ran across this Tweet response to Smooth-On’s #SoMakeItMonday post back in early August:

John and I discussed where I was heading with my project, and along the way I made the comment, “… instead of animatronic, maybe I should go with a dragon costume!”  John’s reply – “or applied animatronics in a costume even” – got me to thinking “inside the dragon” (as opposed to “outside the box”).

John loaned the master mold to a friend, James, who has expressed a willingness to make a cast for me at what I think is a very reasonable price.  Working with a little larger character actually makes the animatronics a good bit easier.

More soon!  I’ve got lots to think on…


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