About Ray

The Boring Personal Details

  • Semi-retired, which means I don’t work for anybody else any more.  But that doesn’t mean I’m not busy!
  • 60 years old, did my first programming on punched cards.
  • Living in Arizona, where it’s very hot in the summer — regularly 125 degrees in my back yard in July and August.
  • Married to a wonderful person!  “Her son” is now “our son”, 19 and going to college.

Social Media


  • @RayHarwood – personal
  • @CoinsWorth – my coin processing system, under development
  • @BrrFur – my body cooling system, also under development
  • @HistoTemp – temporary Histotech services agency, also under development


  • Ray Harwood – if you want some historical info, look here


  • Ray Harwood

One thought on “About Ray

  1. Hi Ray, I am a reporter in Seattle at KIRO Radio working on a story about daylight saving time. I see you were behind a social media push to defeat efforts to change in Arizona, and I wonder if you would be available for a quick interview to discuss today via phone or Skype? Thanks! Josh Kerns

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