NeoPixel 3D Gas Mask from Adafruit

NeoPixel 3D Gas Mask from Adafruit

NeoPixel 3D Gas Mask from Adafruit

Franklin has embarked on a project of customizing the 3D gas mask with NeoPixel lighting as originally designed by Adafruit.  We ordered (and with 2-day shipping, received yesterday) the various parts to control the lighting.  As of yesterday evening, Franklin had the Arduino development environment installed and was already programming the GEMMA controller.

Since the mask itself seems to be “made to fit”, we’ve downloaded the 123Design files so we can modify to fit Franklin.  My experience with 123Design has been limited (and not necessarily good… but that’s probably more my lack of knowledge than a problem with the tool, since many people use it successfully), so it will take us some time to become proficient enough to make the mods.

This morning I’m printing a couple of the parts that won’t require any modification — things that attach to the mask but aren’t dependent on the actual size of the mask.

Franklin’s goal is to have this ready to attend the 2014 Arizona Fur Con here in Phoenix — in less than two weeks.  We’ll see what happens!

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