Lifecasting: 2″ print

May 22 I attended a Lifecasting seminar at Reynolds Advanced Materials in Phoenix. While there, I met a gentleman who has been doing this for 20 years! But he has a very special approach to it. Take a look at his web site for more on that. Be sure to browse his Gallery from the menu!

A few days later I visited his studio up in northern Scottsdale (or southern Carefree, if you know the area). He has quite the setup, with many ongoing projects (a bit like me, except I’m technical, and he’s a real artist!).

He showed me 3D print he had done, which was quite nice.  Someone had 3D scanned one of his life casts, generated a mesh file model, and printed it.  I asked if he received an STL file (a popular file type for mesh 3D model distribution, if you are new to the world of 3D printing). He said he had… and was willing to share it with me.

A few days later I received his STL file, and i scaled it down to 2 inches and printed it with clear PLA.

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